About padang

28 Januari 2019


Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra, and it becomes the largest city on the western coast of Sumatra Island. During the Dutch colonial, Padang was one of major cities in Sumatra, together with Medan, Batam, Palembang and Pekanbaru. Has awarded by Adipura Award for 17 times and Adipura Kencana for 3 times as the cleanest and greenest city in Indonesia, make Padang increase their quality in everything.

Padang is the gateway to the Minang highlands. With the largest port on Sumatra’s West Coast; this is a merchant town attracting ships trading in goods such as rubber, cinnamon, coffee, tea, cement and coal. If you take a stroll down to the old colonial waterfront you will see century old warehouses stocked with fragrant cinammon and other spices waiting to be shipped to Jakarta and Singapore. 

The Batang Arau River flows through the city and it is quite a sight to see the collection of small boats and hand paddled ferries that line the riverside. Padang city is the center of the economy with the highest income number per capita in West Sumatra. In addition, the city became a center of education and health in the region of central Sumatra, it supported by the existence of a number of universities and health facilities.

As a city of art and culture, Padang popular with the legend of Malin Kundang and Sitti Nurbaya, and it annually been held the festival to support the tourism sector.

Padang residents are mostly from Minangkabau ethnic group. Another Ethnic settled are  Javanese, Chinese, Nias, Mentawai, Batak, Acehnese, and Tamil. Minang people in Padang are immigrants from other regions in the province of West Sumatra.