Getting to Unand

28 Januari 2019



Campus Location 

Located in the hilly region of Limau Manis, Pauh Subdistrict, approximately 15 Km from Padang, the capital of West Sumatra. Andalas University campus covers an area of ​​500 hectares. This area is referred to as Bukik Karamuntiang / Hill of Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, and is located at an altitude of ± 255 m above the sea. The campus faces the City of Padang with views of the blue Indian Ocean stretching to the West. In the eastern part of the row lined up. While on the North and South sides there is a valley, each of which is fed by a tributary. Beautiful and green natural conditions, certainly provide a comfortable atmosphere and beautiful natural panorama. Of course Unand Limau Manis Campus is very conducive for learning and research to explore and develop science and technology for the glory of the nation. 

The building has a unique architecture: a combination of the traditional Minangkabau roof (buffalo horn) model and modern style structure. The university is in the process of completing its facilities to accommodate academic and extracurricular activities. 

Almost all faculties are located at Limau Limau Manis, except the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Public Health, and the Faculty of Dentistry, which is located in the Jati area (first campus), Padang. At present Unand has Campus II in Payakumbuh, about 120 km from Padang, and Campus III in Dharmasraya, about 200 km from Padang. 

Andalas University Campus Limau Manis, Padang City


How to Get to UNAND


By Car

The trip will take about thirty minutes from Padang city centre along regular road. From International  Airport Minang Kabau the trip takes about one and a half to two hours.


By Train

Take any of regular trains International  Airport Minang Kabau . Hop off at Simpang Haru Station. Every point in the campus is accessible by green angkot (public transportation) and stop at Pasar Baru, and Every point in the campus is accessible by white campus bus, which serves for free.