Food and Beverages

28 Januari 2019

Padang food is so fabulously delicious and even top-ranked in the world. The answer is simply due to their multitude of fresh herbs and aromatic spices used when cooking – not to mention the lengthy cooking process, creating distinctive, yet tempting flavors.


1. Rendang 

Rendang has gained fame in recent years. This dark beef curry is so rich in spices that many easily fall in love with it.



2. Sate Padang 

Needless to say, Padang has the most cherished type of sate in the entire country, known as Sate Padang.  



3. Dendeng Balado 

Dendeng Balado is basically thin slices of beef, with a chewy, semi-tough texture, yet a tasty and spicy flavor.



5. Ayam Pop Padang 

Craving chicken? Then be sure to try Ayam Pop Padang for an unbelievable culinary experience, while in Sumatra.



6. Sambal Cabe Ijo 

Indonesia has plenty of spicy sambal and Padang is certainly no exception. One of the hot sauces you need to try is the green chili paste famously known as Sambal Cabe Ijo.



7. Lontong dan Pical


and so many kind of delicious food in Padang such as Nasi Ramas with the price around Rp. 10.000 - 15.000 or $0.71 -1.06


*all pictures resourches taken from google "picture"